By simply being online & reaching out for help, you’ve already placed yourself on the fastest track to feeling better.

I’m so glad you’re here!

I know that it’s nearly impossible to juggle both a hectic daily life & the heavy emotions that come with stress, fatigue, sadness, conflict…

It can often be very hard & confusing when we present well to others while feeling lonely & awful inside. What is most important to know right now is that you are not alone. 

I’m here to help you find strength & build skills to be more energized, healthier & happier.

Let’s get started…you’ll feel better soon! (insert schedule appt link)

My Approach

Firstly, I love what I do! There is no higher honor than to be fully present with one who is sharing their hurts. Often, it’s the most intimate, emotional parts of ourselves that are the hardest to put into words. My approach is to help you learn how to articulate your feelings while becoming more aware of who you are & what more you wish to be. 

By approaching care from a health & wellness perspective, it will allow you to build skills that are sustainable long after you’ve finished therapy.

Through my experiences as a hospital/ER social worker, I’ve found a deep appreciation for the healing power which surges between both our mind & body. As you learns skills to tap into that energy, you’ll discover ways to enhance your



Exercise & Movement

Sleep Patterns


Relationships & Communication

My Background

Bachelor's Degree- Social Work- University of South Dakota.

Master's Degree- Social Work- University of Kansas.

MN Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

From 1990 to present, I've worked as a medical social worker helping children & adults endure challenging situations within hospital, hospice, home health & clinic settings.

My passion has always been to listen to their worries, hurts & fears while teaching skills to help build their inner strength & resilience.

The gratification of seeing the strength of character evolve amidst hardship speaks to the power of the mind-body partnership to build, strengthen & sustain!