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Introduction to Therapy


Introduction to Therapy

An Introduction to Therapy

What therapy is:

We firmly believe that therapy is for everyone. Living in a world with so many complex personalities, relationships, situations and differences is not easy. It's okay to reach out when you need help dealing with something - you are not alone. We believe it takes strength and courage to reach out for an extra hand when life is overwhelming. 

In therapy, what you have to say is important. We will listen to you, help you refine your goals, and provide support for you to improve those things you hope to change. 

What therapy is not:

It isn't just for people who have serious mental health problems. It is not shameful, or a sign of weakness. We find that most people who come to therapy are looking for someone to listen, understand, and help sort out the issues many of us face in life.  

Therapy won’t last forever. We believe many of life’s struggles can be resolved in a reasonable amount of time. Often, our clients come to us for a specific situation, and once it’s resolved, they stop therapy. If other issues come up, they return to therapy when it’s helpful. We are here when you need us.

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An Introduction to Online Therapy

An Introduction to Online Therapy

An Introduction to Online Therapy & Online counseling Services

UCW uses only HIPAA-compliant software for all email, phone calls and appointments with our clients.

What technology do I need? 

In order to access online therapy, you will need the following things:

  • Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Webcam or built-in camera on the device
  • A comfortable place where you can talk in private without interruptions

What program do you use to see clients? 

We use a HIPPA-Compliant website called Doxy.me to meet with clients virtually. It’s easy to use and does not require you to login or download anything. You just open up our special links in your web browser (Firefox or Chrome) and you’ll be in the waiting room! If you prefer to do it on your phone, you can download the free app.

How will we connect online? 

Once your appointment is set up, we will send you all the information you need to get set up. It’s easy. There will be some paperwork to fill out online and submit, so we know some basic information about you before we meet. We'll also send you a link to our virtual waiting room. It’s best to test it a few minutes before your appointment. You just click on the link, and you’ll be in the waiting room.

How do I know if it’s right for me?

For most people, it’s simply a preference of whether you want the ability to meet with your therapist in person, or whether you prefer the convenience of online therapy.  

There are some situations when we think our online counseling services aren't the best option. We’ll talk through this with you. Then, if you are located near our physical offices, we are happy to meet with you in person. If you are located farther away, we will help you find a therapist and services locally to meet your needs.

Do you have more questions about online therapy? Check out our FAQ section.

Per state regulations, therapists must be licensed in the states where their clients are located. UCW therapists are currently licensed in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Indiana. 

If you’re not sure whether online therapy is for you, we are glad to offer a 10-minute free phone consultation to discuss it. 

This form is not to be used for crisis situations. If you're having an emergency, please dial 911. Please be aware that any information shared through the internet, email, or other technology cannot be guaranteed to be completely confidential.
State of Residence *
Please tell us the U.S. state where you reside so we can be sure the appropriate therapist reaches out to you.
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Specialties and Approach

Specialties and Approach

At UCW we specialize in counseling for individuals, couples and families - including offering online mental health counseling & online couples counseling.

We understand that you don’t always know what you’re looking for, but we’re here to help you figure it out.  

Some clients come to us looking for individual therapy and later decide to engage in couples therapy. Some begin with family therapy and decide that some individual sessions might enhance the process. We’ll help you figure out what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you get it. 

Our unique offering of online therapy allows for flexibility. Clients may choose to meet only in the office, only online, or any combination of the two. Our unique offering of online therapy allows for flexibility. 

We’re flexible, because we know life demands it. 


We offer a team approach to counseling.

If preferred, we will work together to fully address your family’s complex issues. Sometimes, a couple might realize that they need couples therapy, but they also have things to work out individually before couples therapy begins (or even during the process). This is a common need, but problems often arise when partners are seeing separate therapists with separate (and possibly even conflicting) goals.

We offer online therapy in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana, as well as office locations in Milwaukee and Minneapolis, so we can work with your family as a whole, even if you're spread out in the Midwest, away at college, or travel for work.

Upon client request, our therapists can work together to address your family’s specific needs, and even involve other care providers, such as physicians, teachers, or hired caregivers. 

Please get in touch to learn more about our team approach and how it may be helpful for your family. 


*Relationship Concerns 


*Stress Management 

*Child & Adolescent Issues 



*Divorce & Separation 


*Life Transitions  

*Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity 

*Grief & Loss 

*Work-Life Balance 

*Career Transitions 



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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you accepting new clients?

Yes, we’re currently accepting new clients in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Online sessions are available in these states and office sessions are currently available in Minneapolis and the Milwaukee area. We offer in-person & online counseling services for individuals, couples and families. For more information about our specialties, please visit our specialties page.

How long/how often will we meet?

Counseling sessions (both online and in-person) are based on the 50-minute therapy hour. Typically, sessions are scheduled once per week. We often find that a week between sessions is the ideal amount of time to integrate change into daily life without losing momentum in therapy. However, frequency of sessions can be increased or decreased based on client need, preference or availability. The overall length of treatment can vary significantly based on the client and the goals of treatment. It is our priority to help clients achieve their goals as quickly as possible, while still striving to create deep and lasting change. Click here to schedule now.

Is counseling confidential/secure?

It is our highest priority to maintain confidentiality and security for our clients.  We strictly adhere to state regulations for confidentiality and we use only HIPAA compliant platforms for online counseling. For more information, please email us for a copy of our informed consent or click to see our complete privacy policy

What payment options are available?

We accept cash, check or credit card payments for services. Session fees are paid by clients at the time of service. When scheduling for online counseling, session fees are securely processed through our online scheduling/payment system using your credit card. Individual, couple and family session fees are $150. Click here to schedule now.

Do you take insurance?

We do not bill directly to insurance, but we are covered as out-of-network providers by many insurance plans. Session fees are paid by the client at the time of service, but we can provide a receipt that clients may use to seek reimbursement for services. 

We encourage you to weigh the benefits of not using insurance (e.g. you do not require a mental health diagnosis to engage in services; you have greater freedom to choose the therapist that is the best fit for you; you and your therapist are able to make the decisions about the length, format and nature of your treatment; you have increased privacy and confidentiality) and the benefits of using insurance (e.g. you may pay less out of pocket for therapy, after deductibles have been met). 

If you are considering using your insurance, we encourage you to contact your insurance company to inquire about coverage (e.g. do I have mental health coverage; what is my deductible; how many sessions are covered; what coverage is available for in-network and out-of-network providers).

How are you licensed?

Per state regulations, therapists must be licensed in the states where their clients are located. UCW therapists are currently licensed in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Indiana. Jen is currently licensed as follows: IL # 166.001131, MN # 3505 and WI # 1146-124; Shelly is currently licensed as follows: IL # 166.001023, WI # 1102-124, MN #3790, and IN # 35001994A.

Is United Counseling & Wellness right for me?

We want you to find the right therapist, whether you choose us or not. We believe that therapy is for everyone and that it takes bravery and strength to choose to make a change. We strive to provide our clients with an option for individual counseling that is both flexible and personal. We know we’ve done our job when we see that our clients are happier, calmer, and have achieved greater connection and balance in their lives.

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