An Introduction to Therapy

What therapy is:

We firmly believe that therapy is for everyone. Living in a world with so many complex personalities, relationships, situations and differences is not easy. It's okay to reach out when you need help dealing with something - you are not alone. We believe it takes strength and courage to reach out for an extra hand when life is overwhelming. 

In therapy, what you have to say is important. We will listen to you, help you refine your goals, and provide support for you to improve those things you hope to change. 

What therapy is not:

It isn't just for people who have serious mental health problems. It is not shameful, or a sign of weakness. We find that most people who come to therapy are looking for someone to listen, understand, and help sort out the issues many of us face in life.  

Therapy won’t last forever. We believe many of life’s struggles can be resolved in a reasonable amount of time. Often, our clients come to us for a specific situation, and once it’s resolved, they stop therapy. If other issues come up, they return to therapy when it’s helpful. We are here when you need us.